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Product Spotlight - Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse

It's not unusual for me to be approached by representatives of various health/nutrition companies wanting me to try, and ultimately sell, their products. And this was the very case with Isagenix.

After much study and listening to testimonials from legitimate sources, I decided to try out the Isagenix 30-Day Fat Burning Cleanse. I understand the concept of cleansing, and I couldn't fault their science, but there seem to be so many companies promising to help you lose weight, that I doubted Isagenix was anything more than the status quo. However, since so many people were touting its greatness and there was a FREE Full Money-Back Guarantee that I'd be satisfied, I figured it was worth a shot.

Below I will give information about the program and then my results, as well as my own thoughts. This isn't necessarily representive of company claims, but it is my own opinion based on my experience.

(Feel free to skip around to the information that most interests you)


The video below does a great job of giving an overview of the system and why it works. This particular video is a bit dated, so a few of the products mentioned have been updated or renamed, but the essence of it is all still exactly the same, and it does an excellent job of summarizing everything.


Again, I ordered the 30-Day Fat Burning Cleanse which includes the following:

  • 4 x Canisters of IsaLean Shake (14 Servings per canister)

  • 1 x Container of Ionix Supreme (Liquid or powdered versions available)

  • 1 x Bottle of Natural Accelerator Capsules

  • 1 x Bottle of IsaFlush Capsules

  • 2 x Containers of Cleans For Life (Liquid or powdered versions available)

  • 1 x Bottle of Isagenix Snacks

  • 3 x Individual Servings of Replenish (Powdered drink mix)

  • Information Packet & CD

  • Measuring Tape for taking measurements before, during, and after


Below is my own personal attempt of explaining the included products and how I feel about them. If you would like the official overview from Isagenix of the products in this system, this video does a very good job and is pretty concise.

IsaLean Shake

IsaLean Shakes are a powdered mixture of macro and micro-nutrients derived from natural sources. Information on the Shakes, as well as ingredient lists can be found here. I found the ingredients to be much better than the competition. It's obvious they strive for quality.

Flavors currently available are Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, Black Sesame, and the dairy-free Natural Harvest Berry. I personally ordered 1 canister of Dutch Chocolate (my favorite flavor!), 1 canister of French Vanilla, and 2 boxes of Natural Harvest Berry.

I think the Shakes are pretty good by themselves, but really pop with just a little bit of fruit added. I would commonly add any mixture of frozen blueberries, berry mix, and pineapple. And/Or fresh mango, kale, lemon, orange, melon, etc. I felt this helped to keep the taste new and exciting all the time, while making the Shake a bit more filling without adding many calories.

Each Shake is about 250 calories by itself, with 24 grams of protein, which is primarily from undenatured whey, coming from New Zealand cows. The importance here is that New Zealand doesn't use any kind of hormones or antibiotics with their cows, plus they're grass-fed, so it gives you the most natural whey available. The one exception is the Natural Harvest Berry, which is completely vegan and uses pea and hemp protein as a substitute for the whey protein. The Berry Shakes have 22 grams of plant-based protein.

I have to say that I never got bored or tired of these shakes during my 30 days, or even now, as I still have 1-2 Shakes most days.

Ionix Supreme

Ionix Supreme just makes you feel good. I think it's one of the biggest energy boosters within this system. I would take it before I ran in the morning and consistently saw improvement. Even with only 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, my energy kept up.

The natural vitamins and trace minerals found in Ionix Supreme are essential, and many of us don't get enough in our regular diet, even if we eat healthfully. The fact is that as great as fruits and vegetables are for our health, the polluting of the planet has harmed our plants and harmed the bacteria and fungi in the soil that feed our crops. This leads to plant-based foods that lack the nutrition they once had, which is a big reason that supplementing has become essential.

Ionix Supreme is also full of adaptogens, which work to counteract stress (whether physical or mental) and also help to fight fatigue. I don't have much to say about this, except that I really like it and noticed a difference. And with all-natural ingredients, who can complain?

Ionix Supreme is available in a canister of powder, a bottle of liquid, or individual serving sticks of powder. You can mix it in water and drink or add it right to your Shake. It has a nice fruity taste and it's as easy as that!

Natural Accelerator

I believe Natural Accelerator is a big reason for the shrinking of my food cravings and appetite. All it is is a capsule of healthy ingredients, like tea leaf, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper in a capsule form. You take it once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I ordered another bottle of it after my cleanse because I think it has made a huge difference. It also naturally boosts your metabolism, without harmful stimulants, therefore, aiding in weight loss.

IsaFlush! Capsules

Just to show I'm being honest, this is one product that I don't think did much for me. It's purpose is basically just to keep you regular and make sure you don't get "backed up." With a largely plant-based diet, I've never had much problem with that. You're supposed to take 2 of these before bed, but I often skipped the IsaFlush! Capsules and chose a few prunes instead. IsaFlush! is included with the system, so I'd definitely recommend trying them and form your own opinion. Click here for more info on IsaFlush!.

Cleanse For Life

Although all of the products in the 30-Day Cleanse certainly work synergistically, Cleanse for Life is the primary cleansing agent in this whole program. It comes in a liquid or powdered form. Both taste great, especially when added to hot water, like a tea.

Because it is so effective at removing built-up toxins from your system, Cleanse For Life can potentially make you feel a little subpar at first (as your body detoxes from these toxins), but, typically, by the end of your first Cleanse Day you'll start to feel awesome. I had no issue with any of my Cleanse Days and saw my best results after them. Sometimes losing 3 pounds in 1 day! I actually look forward to Cleanse Days because I feel so good and love seeing the results.

During your "Cleanse Days," (of which you have 4 throughout the 30-day period) you drink your cleanse drink 4 times a day and can eat Isagenix Snacks! if you're hungry. You don't drink any Shakes and try to eat little to no food on a Cleanse Day. To learn more about Cleanse For Life, you can click here.

Isagenix Snacks!

A bottle of Isagenix Snacks! is a healthy snack for Cleanse Days that won't affect your results. These little wafers do a surprisingly good job of satisfying hunger. You wouldn't think it to look at them, but it's true. I ordered the Natural Wild Berry (dairy-free) and thought they were fine and did the job. Everything else in the program tastes so great that I will call these "ok." They taste fine, but more importantly they do their job of keeping you from getting too hungry during a Cleanse Day. I can't speak for the other flavors, which are Natural Chocolate and French Vanilla, because I haven't tried them, but I suspect they'll "do the job" as well. If you are looking for a truly delicious alternative to the Isagenix Snacks!, the IsaDelight Plus Chocolates are really quite good. They are healthy, all natural chocolates that come in milk or dark chocolate varieties and are an approved snack for Cleanse Days.


For the most part, I tried to follow the recommendations from Isagenix for Shake Days and Cleanse Days. These two videos will help give you more details on what these two types of days will look like.

Shake Days

Throughout the 30-Day program I learned that the recommendation for a Shake in the morning, a healthy lunch, and a Shake in the evening did seem to help most with my results. I believe this to be due to lower amount of calories in a shake allowing your body to transition into a catabolic state for a longer period of time, and thus burning more calories and releasing more toxins. In the same vein, I also saw an improvement in my results if I did not eat my evening Shake too late, say by 7pm.

When I made my Shakes, I really did them up! An example of a typical Shake for me consisted of frozen blueberries, fresh mango, fresh honeydew, kale, a sprinkling of pepitas, Miracle2000, and IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate, all blended to perfection. I seriously think it tasted like a Snack Pack, but HEALTHY! I just took whatever fruit I had around (fresh or frozen) added some kale or collard greens, and experimented with recipes. You can also find recipes for Isagenix Shakes, here.

Adding the additional fruits and vegetables not only gave the Shake an incredible taste and great diversity, but also helped satisfy my appetite even better, with few added calories. So, I say, make it your own!

Cleanse Days

I chose to do 1 Cleanse Day per week, which really helped me plan and keep to a schedule, as well as knowing what to expect. I loved the Cleanse for Life mixed with hot water, so that's how I usually drank it. Since you get two containers of Cleanse for Life with the 30-Day system, I chose a cansiter of powder and a bottle of liquid. Both taste about the same, and both dissolved very well in hot water. Obviously, the powder will take a little stirring to dissolve completely, but I had no issue.

On Cleanse Days you will feel some hunger, but I didn't think it was bad at all. Taking the Cleanse for Life drink every 4 hours settled any hunger I had surprisingly well. I would average taking 3-5 Isagenix Snacks over the course of the day, but somedays I only had 1 or 2. I'd recommend keeping busy on these days, just to distract yourself from any hunger you may have, but, even more importantly, to distract you from the habitual desire to eat.

I ran in the morning of most Cleanse Days (3-5 miles), and I do think the exercise left me a little less energized in the afternoon/evening, but still completely functional. I even had enough energy to run again (3-5 miles) the morning following the Cleanse Day, having not eaten anything for around 36 hours, and was even able to run further/faster than the previous day!



I Cheated! I did a pretty good job of doing what I was supposed to, but I certainly could have followed the program much more strictly. And I think my results would have been even better if I was more rigid, but as you will see, my results were still great.

Mother's Day and Memorial Day both fell during my cleanse period, and I made exceptions, ate foods I shouldn't have, and I ate more than I should have. But I didn't eat like I normally would for such events. I showed restraint, even in my cheating. I also found reasons to eat a couple pieces of chocolate here and there, a handful of pretzels or chips now and then, and even a few s'mores around the campfire during the cleanse. This goes to show, that even if you don't follow everything to the T, you can still have very good results... maybe not AS GOOD as if you hadn't, but still very good.


In the first 11 days of the 30-Day program I lost 7 pounds and about 6 inches. Please note that this was with no exercise, other than taking my son on walks in his stroller. I had not been exercising regularly before the cleanse, and I wanted to make sure my results were due to the program and not the exercise. As you can see, those results are quite amazing, especially noting no added exercise!

I did add some moderate exercise for the remainder of the program, running 4-5 times per week. By the end of the 30-Day Cleanse, I was down 15 pounds and 18.5 inches! I should also note that when I started running I could barely run 2 miles, but, by the end of my Cleanse I was running well over 5 miles and doing so at a much faster average speed. I gained a lot of strength in my legs over those 19 days of running, and I know that any weight gain corresponding to my muscle growth makes my 15 pounds of weight loss even more amazing! Had I not cheated here and there throughout the Cleanse, I truly believe I would have lost 20 pounds. And for men, 20-25 pounds of loss in 30 days is pretty typical on the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse (with some even losing 30lbs!).

I did take before and after pictures, which I am not posting on this blog for reasons of privacy, but I would be happy to share these pictures with anyone interested. I will say this, everyone, from family members to neighbors, have noticed the difference, and have been asking what I'm doing! And even if you don't have much weight you need to lose, the improvement in energy and well-being is reason enough to consider this system!


On first look, this program may seem a little pricey, but once you consider that it's replacing 64 meals, it's really quite affordable! How much do you typically spend on food per month?

64 Meals for $272 = $4.25 per meal

So you're getting food, healthy supplements, and results for what works out to be a great price!

It's hard to argue the results of this program. I certainly can't guarantee that it will work as well for everyone, but from all the testimonies, it would appear the vast majority of users experience results similar to mine, or better. But, as stated before, the Money-Back Guarantee means you have nothing to lose, except fat!

After experiencing the quality of their products, I have decided to endorse Isagenix and would be happy to help anyone sign up or answer any further questions. For more information, please take a look at the Isagenix page on my website or go directly to my Isagenix affiliate page.

Even if weight-loss isn't a major concern of yours, Isagenix has many quality products to aid in everything from healthy aging, to increased energy, to exercise and performance, and all of it is centered around creating a healthier body that effectively does what it was designed to do!

I hope the information in this post is useful in helping you make a decision about Isagenix. I have tried to be honest and straightforward in my assessment.

It all depends on the cleanse!

- Steve

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