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Pittsburgh Alkaline Water offers high quality presentations that help give educational information on good health practices and demonstrate the effectiveness of our top-quality products.


Our goal is to spread this information with as many people as possible and not just those living in the Pittsburgh area.  With the technology offered by Google, we can easily virtualize this presentation and have a live, interactive meeting across the world.





Setting up a Google Hangout is a very simple process for most people.  First, sign up for a currently scheduled hangout, or request a hangout here.  Then follow the steps below before the hangout you are attending.

  1. Create or sign into your Google+ Account at

  2. Search for in Google+

  3. Add AlkalinePGH to one of your circles

  4. Download and install the video plugin at

  5. Request a Video Hangout invite from AlkalinePGH


For any difficulties setting up your session, please contact Steve at 412-498-5272.


We also recommend watching this introductory video on Tyent Ionized Water before the meeting starts.

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Sign Up For A Scheduled Virtual Demo Or Request An Additional One

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