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Shower & Bath Filters

bath shower chlorine chloramine removal

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VitaShower & VitaBath

These vitamin-C shower filters and bath tablets remove not only 100% of Chlorine, but 100% and the hard to remove Chloramine (Chlorine+Amonia) that so many of our water providers are switching to.


VitaShower filters easily connect to virtually all shower heads and last for 15,000 gallons of water.


VitaBath is ideal for those who prefer a bath.  Just add one VitaBath tablet to neutralize all chlorine and chloramine, while adding other healthy vitamins that are fantastic for skin health.


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ShowOrb Shower Filter & Water Energizer



The ShowOrb is our Brand New shower filter that not only filters our chlorine, heavy metals, and inorganic material, but also creates energized water that emit heathy FIR energy that has a whole host of benefits for our bodies.


This Death Star orb will blast away your water toxins!


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LUX Shower & Bath Filters



Sprite is the top name in shower filtration.  These Lux shower heads come in styles to match any bathroom decore and offer nearly 100% elimination of Chlorine through their KDF filtration.


If you have small children, or prefer a bath, the Tyent Bath Ball, which attaches to the faucet, is a very effective way to filter out chlorine from your water.


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