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At Pittsburgh Alkaline Water, we know that clean air is a BIG DEAL!  So we offer a host of products to give your home the freshest air possible.

air purification ionization surround air air restore

Learn More about maximizing energy for your body and your wallet

Relax Saunas
The only portable sauna with Medical Grade Technology!  The relax sauna is fantastic whether you are look to relax/de-stress, relieve pain, detox, or just warm up.  Unlike any other portable sauna on the market with 95-99 pure Far-Infrared.
Versatile heating solutions that utilize safe heating technologies, incorporating an array of styles and features that can easily be implemented into your home or business.
Magnetizer offer incredibly strong, focused, ceramic magnets for an array of home and automobile uses that allow technology to work more efficiently and extends lifespan.

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