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It's hard to believe that such a simple, inexpensive solution, can have such a profound effect. But rest assured, it's true!

Watch the video below and continue continue further for more information on the Magnetizer and what it can do for you!

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Engine Performance Maximizer

Diesel Engine Performance Maximizer

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Natural Gas Energizer

Liquid Propane Gas Magnetizer

Home Fuel Oil Energizer



Residential Water Energizer



A/C Split System



Residential Pool Energizer

Engine Performance Maximizer

What It Does


  1. Increases Fuel Efficiency

  2. Reduces Emissions

  3. Increases Horse Power

  4. Dissolves existing corrosion and scale build-up in the following:

    • The head

    • The Cylinder Cooling Jackets

    • The Radiator

    • The Heater


How It Does It

The Magnetizer can do all of this by increasing combustion efficiency, which leads to cleaner burning and more power.  It also conditions the fuel and coolant, which haults and even reverses carbon build-up.  Keeping these components clean will increase their longevity while improving the performance of your vehicle.



Expected Benefits



  • 10-40% improvement in fuel efficiency (depedant upon engine and driving style)

  • 5-15% increase in horse power

  • 50-95% reduction in Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons

  • Oil lasts longer due to cleaner running engine

  • Increased efficiency in cooling system

  • Increases longevity of Catalytic Converter

  • Stops and can reverse scale build up and corrosing in engine



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