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magnetizer magnets fuel energy efficiency
magnetizer magnets fuel energy efficiency
magnetizer magnets fuel energy efficiency

MAGNETIZER products are maintenance-free, chemical-free, and require no power source.  

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MAGNETIZER Saves You Money
With Your...


Car or Truck

(Gasoline & Deisel)


Go 20% further with each tank of gas!  


Make use of the INCREASED HORSE POWER Magnetizer offers your car.


Either way, Magnetizer will do wonders in decreasing harmful emissions from your vehicle's exhaust



Air Conditioner/Refrideration


Keep your home just as cool with 10-15% less electricity!


Your air conditioner will blow colder air with less energy once

you install your Magnetizer kit.





The Magnetizer is effectively able to decrease the amount of

natural gas your furnace uses by 6-10%

through increased combustion effiency.

That will really add up!

Save fuel through increased energy efficiency in your boiler as well.




Magnetizer naturally descales your water pipes, decreasing build-up on faucets, tubs, dishes, etc. and increasing water pressure!


The descaling of your water heater improves efficiency,

saving you 8-40% on energy.

Magnetizer can also fully replace a salt water softener with no need of buying salt large bags of salt and NO required maintenance.





When it comes to gardening, water that goes through the Magnetizer system is HUGELY beneficial to crops as opposed to regular tap water.

Magnetizer water penetrates the soil more readily and is retained more abundantly.  With Magentizer you will also see increases in the absorption of minerals by your crops.  All of this combined means greater vitality and a larger crop from your garden.





By creating molecularly modified water, Magnetizer is able to

help neutralize the pH of your swimming pool, 

while also discouraging algae growth.


With the Magnetizer filtration will also be more effective

and your pump will require less electricity to do its job.


Also, you can expect to need 1/3 to 1/2 less chlorine,

as Magnetizer increases the efficiency of the chlorine added.





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