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Increased heating capacity, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, less environmental pollution.

Improve combustion efficiency, air/fuel ratio, burns higher proportion of hydrocarbons in fuel.

Will typically reduce natural gas consumption by 6%-10%.


McReedy East Mine – Heating House

“Ventilation of a mine is one of the most important functions that allow miners to go to work everyday. A one-year period of monitoring was done on the heater house [that heats mine ventilation air in the winter] without magnets, and the second year the magnets were installed on the headers of the heater house. This installation was monitored and after two years the results were completed in May 2002. The savings in natural gas as a result of the installation of magnets was 11.95% in 2001-2002 when compared to 2000-2001.”
204 Residential Apartments, Quebec City, Canada, 1999

“We have monitored the consumption of natural gas as per the Gaz Metropolitan invoices forwarded by you recently. In conclusion this report indicates savings with magnetic [adjusted for yearly variations in ‘degree days’]
Base year was 1996/97 
1998/99 vs. 1996/97 13.3% [Reduction in natural gas used] 
1998/99 vs. 1997/98 12.6% [Reduction in natural gas used]”
York Holdings Office Building, Montreal, Canada, 1999.

“We have computed the consumption, occupancy and degree-days… in making a comparison for the six (6) month period of January – June in the years of 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999, as per available data. The saving achieved of 8.3% based on an average [energy] consumption of $120,000.”
Wallace McBain & Associates Building, 299 Mill Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, 1999
“This report compares the Degree-Day values for the building over the last two winters. This comparison shows a decrease of 9.73 cubic meters per degree-day. Percentage of saving - 7.5%. 

Natural Gas Energizer (NGE-S)

  • 4 Magnetizer Units 2 Rings
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