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Softens water, eliminates chemicals treatment–lime, salt, acids, reduces downtime and environmental pollution.

Reduction in scale build-up decreases energy usage by 8-40% depending upon application.

Reduces mineral spotting left behind after cleaning dishes, cars, etc. with water.

Can increase water pressure and alleviate mineral build-up around faucets, showers, and sinks due to scale reduction and mineral softening.


Advanced Research Project Agency, Springfield, Virginia

A study prepared by Systems and Services Company, Rockville, Maryland, concluded that after magnetic treatment with Magnetizer natural water does not, when heated, produce a hard scale on the walls of a boiler or heating pipes, but rather a loose sludge which settles to the bottom and can easily be removed or flushed without acid treatment.

The Magnetizer unit was attached to a breaker containing calcium and magnesium in water solutions. The authorities at the ASTB laboratories concluded that the ion X-changer and filter alone remove only around 90% of the calcium and magnesium. The Magnetizer unit seems to improve the removal efficiency to better than 99% of the contained calcium and magnesium.
Canadian Energy Control, Regina, Saskatchewan

It has been concluded by the CEC that the installation of the Magnetizer system removed the mineral buildup on the domestic water system where applied.
Novotel Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Magnetizer unit was installed on Laundry steam boiler, Ice Cube Machine, Coffee Espresso, and Dishwasher. The customer was very satisfied and reported the following;
Stopped using chemical treatment
No shut down for maintenance
Manpower is saved to do other important work
Costs are reduced on labor and chemicals.

Residential Water Energizer (RWE-S)

  • 4 Magnetizer units 2 rings
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