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Enhance evaporator, Less refrigerant boiling in compressor shell, reduces wear/tear on compressor.

Higher cooling/heating capacity, increase COP and reduce power consumption. Results depend on refrigerant/ blends used.


Laboratory Testing: Research Center for Energy Conservation, University of Moncton, Canada

Dr. Samuel Sami, Director of the Research Center, a Fellow of ASHRAE & ASME and a registered engineer in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario has tested this brand-new application according to ARI/ ASHRAE standards, for Magnetizer ceramic magnet arrays. Dr. Sami’s report reached the following conclusion; 
“On the average it appears that higher Gauss levels [from Magnetizer products] enhanced the evaporator COP [Co-efficient of Performance] by 20-25% depending upon the refrigerant mixture boiling point. Also higher Gauss levels results in decreasing the power consumption. The decrease of the power consumption appears to be around 8-12%.” 
Summary Of Laboratory Testing:

University of Moncton laboratories testing according to the ARI and ASHRAE standards showed significant enhancement of the Performance characteristics of refrigeration equipment after magnetic treatment;

• Enhancement the cooling capacity on the average by 25%.
• Improvement of the Coefficient of Performance COP on the average by 20%.
• Reduce equipment power consumption by around 8%.
• Carry less liquid refrigerant into the compressor chamber.
• Enhancement of the heating capacity of equipment even at low evaporation temperatures
• Decrease discharge pressure and Increase discharge temperature

Please note that the aforementioned significant characteristics are refrigerant boiling point dependant. 

A/C Split System

  • 6 Magnetizer Units with backplates
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