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Increased heating capacity, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, less environmental pollution.

Improve combustion efficiency, air/fuel ratio, burns higher proportion of hydrocarbons in fuel.


Scarsdale Manor, Scarsdale, New York 1997.

A.B. Wolle, Inc served two Boilers installed in the Scarsdale Manor facility. The performance of the two boilers was tested prior to the Magnetizer installation using Bacharach Fyrite II Combustion Analyzer.
Perhaps the most dramatic occurrence during the testing was noted by A.B. Wolle Inc. two months after installation that when using “dirty oil” such as #4 or #6 oil the boiler efficiency increased instead of decreasing. Both boilers showed yearly fuel savings of 17% and 19% respectively. The yearly savings was $17,855 with cost of Magnetizer equipment of $3,716. 

Home Fuel Oil Energizer (HFE-B)

  • 4 Magnetizer Units 2 Rings
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