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ShowOrb To The Rescue!

Is that the Death Star or some R2D2 type droid character? That would be cool, but no, it's our newest answer to toxic contaminants in your shower water is the all new ShowOrb (Shower + Orb, clever, right?).

Pittsburgh Alkaline Water still sells and stands wholly behifnd the very popular VitaShower, but we'll talk a little more about that later.

So what is different about the ShowOrb? The ShowOrb contains 3 primary media: KDF, calcium sulfite, and energizing minerals. Since most of us probably have little to no idea what any of that means, let me break it down for you.


KDF media is widely used from everything from shower heads to whole house systems. It is incredibly effective at removing particular contaminants, such as heavy metals and chlorine from water, while also reducing many other inorganic compounds and inhibiting the growth of mold, algae, and bacteria.

The materials making up KDF are a particular mixture of brass, zinc, and copper. KDF media is very rich in electrons and is able to act as an electron donor to the various contaminants. This means that KDF will either bond to the contaminants, trapping them from getting into the shower water, or by changing their molecular composition and transforming them into benign substances.

Calcium Sulfite

Calcium sulfite is a naturally occurring mineral that is very effective at neutralizing free chlorine in the water. Chlorine is converted to harmless (and salty tasting) chloride, while many other chlorine derivatives are also neutralized, turning calcium sulfate into the very common, natural compound calcium sulfate. Please, note, there is a very small percentage of people who have allergies/sensitivity to sulfur/sulfate. If you fall into this category, be cautious in trying this filter. Sulfates are all around us in products/food, so if you live life without concern of these products, this filter should not be an issue.

Energizing Minerals

The energizing mineral balls found in the ShowOrb may seem like a gimmick, but there is actually something to this! More and more Western science and Eastern holistic practices are coalescing to show that it's really all about energy. Various energy forms and frequencies can have a profound effect on health. This is the foundational principal to such popular health trends as reiki and grounding. Dr. Pollock, a leading scientist in his field, shows how these energies can even affect our bodies on an intracellular level.

As a whole, Western culture has isolated itself from the common practices in nature that have been ubiquitous for the vast majority of human history. More time indoors and away from the sun/fresh air/walking barefoot/etc. has distanced us more than ever from these life-sustaining energies that we were created to enjoy. Nearly every product at Pittsburgh Alkaline Water is based on the premise of restoring natural energy to our bodies and environment. Water Ionization, Air naturalization, water and fuel conditioning, and even our SmartKlean laundry ball utilize this science to function effectively.

The positive effects of energizing your shower water with the ShowOrb are three-fold:

First, similar to KDF media, the anti-oxidant properties and energy emitting aspect of these energizing components allow free minerals, heavy metals, iron, toxins, etc. to bond together. This will either create a larger molecule that is no longer prone to scaling or being absorbed into the body, or it will cause new harmless molecules to form.

Second, bonding of minerals within the water creates a slight soft-water effect, which gives soaps a richer, longer-lasting lather, and promotes softer, healthier hair and skin.

Lastly, far infrared radiation (FIR) transferred to your water is able to be shared with the cells of your body. The health effects of this will likely manifest differently and to different degrees for everyone, but studies suggest that FIR is able to bring about detoxification, improve mitochondrial energy production via ATP, enhance sleeping patterns, regulate the endocrine system and promote healthy weight loss, improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health, decrease inflammation, speed healing, and more. Although the amount of FIR coming from the ShowOrb may be considerably lower than other products its effects are still beneficial as well as appropriate for all ages.

How does this compare to the VitaShower?

The VitaShower is absolutely one of our favorite products, but limited in scope. Originally the VitaShower was adopted by Pittsburgh Alkaline Water as a way to eliminate toxic chloramine (used instead of chlorine by much of the Pittsburgh area) from shower water. The ShowOrb and other shower filters using similar media will not remove any significant amounts of chloramine, while the VitaShower removes 100% of chlorine and chloramine using nothing but pure vitamin-C.

For those conscerned with heavy metals in our water coming from the municipality or from old pipes, the ShowOrb is the perfect solution. If your area uses chlorine, the ShowOrb should be sufficient by itself to remove the bulk of toxins from your water. However, if your municipality uses chloramine, our best recommendation would be to use the ShowOrb and VitaShower in conjunction (having the water first pass through the ShowOrb and then through the VitaShower).

In summary, the ShowOrb is a great compliment to the Pittsburgh Alkaline Water bathroom line. If you're worried about the recent increase in Pittsburgh lead levels or simply striving for better water and better health, this product is a welcome addition. And the fact that it looks like it's straight out of Star Wars makes it even better! What a great health conversation starter for any overnight guests asking, "What is that thing?!?" Yes, that's the ShowOrb!

Click here to order your ShowOrb!

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