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Product Spotlight - Hand/Foot/Body Warmers

Brrrrrrrr!!! It's cold outside! In the North East, we might have thought winter was on its way out last week, but with -20 degree temperatures, that has certainly shown to not be the case. This week's product spotlight isn't for a "health" product so much as a practical one, since nobody wants this to happen to them...

Our Heat Factory hand/foot/body warmers from Sawyer do a great job of ensuring extra warmth to our extremities that need it most. And since the various styles of warmers last from 6-20+ hours, you know you're getting your money's worth! So, if you know your going to be outside for a sporting event, dog walking, skiing, sledding, shoveling, lumberjacking, ice skating, attending an outdoor screening of Frozen, igloo construction, bird watching, ice fishing, Bumble hunting, or just enjoying a winter wonderland, make sure to stuff your shoes, gloves, coats, cushions, etc. with some of our long-lasting, toasty warmers.

And if you're looking for a great gift, or need to ensure enough warmth to last you through winter, we also have a 40-pair pack of Duck Dynasty Hand Warmers. This pack includes 40 pairs of hand warmers with your favorite Duck Dynasty characters on them for just $51.

To see all of the warmers we have available please take a look at the Sawyer page at

A warm farewell to you and yours, -Steve

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