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Product Spotlight - Female Energy

I have a confession to make. I am not a Female. I don't even play one on TV. But I am married to a [beautiful] woman and know several, so I feel like I'm qualified to talk about a product made just for women. Vitarol - Female Energy is a nutritional supplement made of natural, safe ingredients that are effective in helping women feel and be their best by supporting health in over 12 body systems. Century Systems has created a product specially formulated to aid in the following areas:

  • Appetite Control

  • Energy Boosting

  • Hair, Skin, & Nail Health

  • Breast Health

  • Urinary Tract Health

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Heart Health

  • Stress Maintenance

  • Immune System Boosting

  • Memory Support

  • Vision Heath

  • Joint Health

  • Liver Health

  • PMS Relief

  • Anti-Aging

Beyond all of these special benefits, Female Energy is also a complete, everyday multi-vitamin that you can actually feel working. With Female Energy, most women will feel the energy and appetite decrease within one to four days. Vitarol contains natural, powerful, specific nutrient elements for every major body system. Vitarol contains no added caffeine and produces jitter-free energy.

Since I have never taken, nor do I plan to take, Female Energy for myself, I will have to rely on reviews from others to be an encouragement of what this product has to offer! See what Stephanie has to say...

"I am 35 years old, and I’m the mother of 7 small children ages 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 2, and 7 months. I feel that Vitarol was made especially for me because everything that I go through during my day would always wear heavily on me by noon. The cleaning, the cooking, the children, just the generals of being a mother and wife; all of those things just were weighing on me because I just had so much responsibility and so much to do.

When I found Vitarol it just took care of everything because now I have the energy to actually participate in family gatherings. I have the energy to take care of my family and have quality time with them. I have the energy to cook. I actually want to think about doing things with my family because now I actually feel able to do it. I love doing everything. I’m a very hyper person usually but can you imagine how I feel energy-wise after having 7 children and still having the responsibility of home, church, singing and then having to go home and deal with my family and my 7 kids and especially a baby.

I have to get up many times in the night to deal with coughing, asthma, allergies and even bad dreams. Well now I have more energy. I’m losing weight. I’m able to participate in just so many different things. I’m actually thinking about putting my kids in an extracurricular activity like soccer, football, basketball or tennis after school because now I actually can energy-wise afford to take the time to take them.

I love the appetite control. It was a gradual thing. It wasn’t something that all of a sudden happened and startled me. I just started losing weight quickly. It just came about so easily because I was eating normally and then all of a sudden maybe about the third day of taking Vitarol, I looked down at my plate and I was half way finished but my stomach was full. I felt full. I was thinking now how am I full but my plate is still full. It’s not like I had an abundance of food. I had my normal intake of food and all of a sudden I just didn’t want to eat any more. That has been happening every day ever since. I’ll eat what seems to be just the necessity.

Everything that goes on in my life is fueled by me. I am everything and everyone to my family. I have to do it all. I have to make it all and I have to remember it all, and now I have help from Vitarol. Rejuvenated, vibrant, I’m losing weight and I have no PMS. What more can I ask for? My husband is also pleased too because at the end of the day I now have time and energy for him. Thanks Vitarol!"


I think everyone could use some more energy, especially the women that have to put up with men like me! Vitarol - Female Energy gives women the opportunity to find that energy through healthy supplementation, without the need for caffeine or potentially harmful prescription drugs. I'm a big believer that, in an ideal world, we'd get all of our nutrition from our food, but it's just not the world we live in. Stress, time constraints, expense, and even the nutritional deficiency of commercially grown food are all reasons that I believe supplementation is essential. And probably the most important benefit is that it's easy and convenient, so you'll actually do it!

Whether you want to jump start your new diet & exercise regimen, become a more active and adventurous person, have more energy for work and spending quality time with your family, or simply have assurance that your body is getting an extra boost of health, Female Energy has something to offer. If you'd like to try Female Energy for yourself, purchase it for the special woman in your life, or give it to a good friend that you know could really use a boost in their health and energy, I'd be happy to discount your first purchase 20% (for local sales only) if you contact me directly. Hopefully this can lead to an especially momentous Valentine's Day and certainly a more energized life!

Female Energy retails for $30 from Pittsburgh Alkaline Water and contains a 30 day supply. That's about $1 a day. So skip your caffeinated Starbucks for $5 a cup and instead buy Female Energy for yourself and 4 other friends! I think restored energy and ensured health is worth $1 a day!

Please Note: Female Energy is not intended for children under 18 and is not recommended for women who do not wish to lose weight.

And men... if you are looking for some more pep in your step, please take a look at Male Drive. Your wives may benefit from it as well ;) Perhaps our Couple's Kit is just what the doctor ordered this holiday.

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze."

Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

Happy Valentine's Day!

- Steve

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