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Product Spotlight - VitaShower

As a child I really disliked tap water. I still do as a matter of fact. Drinking a whole glass honestly made me feel ill unless it was flavored with powdered lemonade or cranberry juice from concentrate. The taste that I was so opposed to was chlorine. Many of us are aware that there is chlorine in our water supply. Some accept this and don't seem to mind, others are concerned and choose filtered or bottled water as the solution. Water chlorination is certainly not ideal, but in many ways it is a necessary evil, as a means to kill pathogens in the water supply. And by filtering your drinking water effectively of chlorine, the problem is solved... right? I learned several years ago of a major means of chlorine exposure that is almost never acknowledged. It accounts for about 2/3 of a typical person's chlorine intake for the day and comes directly from your tap. What I am referring to is none other than your daily, morning shower. The delightful feeling of cozy, warm water that encourages you that getting out of bed was worth it, actually, accounts for your primary intake of chlorine for the day. With just a 10 minute, hot shower, you will intake the same amount of chlorine as you would from drinking 8 glasses of water!

That last statement may seem difficult to believe, but your body's largest organ is your skin, which covers quite a bit of surface area and has great absorptive capabilities. Additionally, the steam from your shower that is full of chlorine (up to 20x the concentration) is inhaled into your lungs, and from there finds its way into your blood stream. This airborne form of chlorine, known as chloroform, is then free to circulate and accumulate in your home.

I want to make clear that chlorine has become commonplace in our lives, but that does not make it benign. Chlorine is a toxic chemical that has been linked to cancer (93% higher risk!), arterial hardening, asthma, skin conditions, reproductive complications, and destruction of beneficial gut flora.

Our concern is no longer only ensuring that we have clean water to drink, but clean water to bathe our bodies in. The statement, "If you wouldn't eat it, DON'T put it on your skin!" is one we really need to take to heart. Luckily there are some great chlorine shower and bath filters out there. These KDF style filters work great for removing chlorine; however, there can be another problem. In many cities and towns across the country chloramine has been replacing chlorine as their disinfectant of choice. Pittsburgh is one of those cities. So what is chloramine? Chloramine is a chlorine molecule bonded to ammonia. This creates a molecule that is less reactive, and therefore, much more difficult to remove. In fact KDF filters have no effect on chloramine levels. Most filter made for chloramine removal do a mediocre job and cost more than KDF filters.

Once I discovered my KDF was doing me no good, I started doing research. That research led me to the VitaShower; an inexpensive solution for both chlorine AND chloramine that removes these contaminants 100%! How does the VitaShower work? Well, Vitamin-C is a known neutralizer of both of these harmful chemicals, even the EPA research acknowledges that.

The VitaShower filter is filled with 100% pharmaceutical-grade vitamin-C that is combined with your water and neutralizes the chlorine/chloramine contaminants before they even leave your shower head. No need to worry about toxin absorption through your skin or respiration! Each VitaShower filter cartridge will last for about 15,000 gallons of water, which for a family of two is typically around 8 months.

With the VitaShower, not only do you get the positive effects of removing harmful chemicals from your water, you also receive the benefit of Vitamin-C! Vitamin-C is great for our skin, essential for collagen production, and helps protect against sun damage. How can you beat that?

I've heard testimonials from my own customers praising the VitaShower for protecting them against their seasonal dry skin, eliminating seborrhoeic dermatitis, and allowing the body to heal from psoriasis. I'd also especially recommend the VitaShower for anyone with respiratory/asthmatic conditions. The VitaShower will cost you only $40 ($25 for filter replacements) and should fit on nearly any standard shower fixture. I am also temporarily lowering the price for local pick up to $35 until February 14, 2015. It's a perfect opportunity to purchase your own VitaShower and enjoy a shower you can truly relax in.

And if you prefer baths or have young children, VitaBath is a terrific solution as well! Check out this picture of my son showing how much he loves his VitaBath! I'll also discount the VitaBath to $35 for all local pick-ups!

Take a dip in your own fountain of youth!

- Steve

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