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Countdown To Saving Money!

So often living healthy and green automatically means EXPEN$IVE!

Being someone who not only wants to live healthfully, but also frugally, I constantly work to find products that are Healthy and Green while saving Money.  That's why I wanted to share with you a countdown of a few of the best money-saving products that Pittsburgh Alkaline Water has to offer!

#1.  SmartKlean Laundry Ball

  • At only $45 for 365 loads of laundry, the SmartKlean Laundry Ball in an incredible money-saver ($.12 per load)!  Just look at this chart comparing SmartKlean to some popular laundry detergents.

  • Added savings that the SmartKlean Laundry Ball offers...

    • No Fabric Softener Needed

    • No Static Dryer Sheets Needed

    • Only Uses Cold Water (Saves energy costs)

    • You Don't Need To Use The Rinse Cycle (Saves water, energy, and time!)

  • Just think, you might not need to buy another laundry product for several years!

Smartklean laundry ball detergent replacement non-toxic money saving


  • MAGNETIZER, a Pennsylvania based company, developed brand new magnetic technology nearly 30 years ago.  So what can these patented focused magnets do for you?

    • INCREASED FUEL EFFICIENCY in your car or truck

      • Gain increased horsepower, lower emissions, and up to 20% higher MPG!

    • DESCALING WATER CONDITIONER in your home or business

      • Can increase home water pressure, removes build-up from pipes, faucets, and shower heads, creates water soft on your skin and hair, decreases or eliminates water spots on dishes or vehicles, can replace salt water softeners for well water and hard water, and decreases energy usage from your hot water tank by 8-40%


      • Save 10-15% off of your Air Conditioner energy costs!  Creates cooler air coming from your vents.  Helps extend the life of your air conditioner by increasing lubrication to the compressor.


      • Decreases your natural gas use by 6-10%!

  • The MAGNETIZER kits for each of these money-saving uses cost just $200 a piece, comes with a 10 year warranty, requires NO MAINTENANCE, and contains magnets that are rated to last over 100 years.

magnetizer magnets fuel energy efficiency pool

#1.  Tyent Water Ionizers

  • TyentUSA sells the best water ionizers in the industry, and backs them up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  • See how investing in a Tyent Water Ionizer can save you money


      • Compared to bottled water, a family of 4 can save over $10,000 over the course of 20 years by drinking water from their ionizer instead.

      • All of these savings while obtaining the healthiest, alkalizing, anti-oxidant water you can drink!


      • Use strong acidic water from you ionizer to disinfect germs all around your house, without the worry of any harmful toxins.

      • Clean your bathroom, kitchen, windows, children's toys, and more


      • Instead of paying for expensive skin care products, use mild acidic water to help clear up skin conditions (such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema) and tighten skin as a mild astringent.  Check out this testimonial!


      • Strong Alkaline water literally emulsifies pesticides found on our fruits and vegetables, allowing them to be washed off.  Tap water and other waters are incapable of such achievements in pesticide removal.


      • Alkaline Water neutralizes acids in our mouth that eat away at our tooth enamel.  Strong Acidic water can be used as an effectivealternative against carcinogenic mouth wash, killing oral bacteria without causing harm to our body.

      • Alkaline Water can help lessen or resolve many common medical conditions that result from an acidic body and oxidative stress.  Save on medications through creating a healthy condition of homeostasis within your body!

      • Replace your morning coffee with a glass of ionized water for an immediate pick-me-up.  Drinking ionized water will help give you body the energy you need throughout the entire day!

    • These are just a handful of the ways Tyent Ionized Water can save you Money.

tyent counter-top water ionizers map black white
tyent under-counter uce color screen digital touch
tyent under-count water ionizers uce
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