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Tyent UCE -13

1.7-12.5 pH Range

1150 ORP

1.2 ppm Molecular Hydrogen Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost


5 Benefits of Drinking Tyent Ionized Water


1. Hydrates better because the water has a smaller molecule cluster size. During the Tyent ionization process, the water is broken down into a much smaller form that helps penetrate your cells faster and easier, therefore fully quenching your thirst and hydrating your body.


2. Contains anti-aging properties and offers immune support because it has measurable antioxidants (known as negative oxidation reduction potential or -ORP). You have probably heard of the term “antioxidant” in the past, but did you know that you can obtain antioxidants from Tyent Water? Our water has a healthy ionic charge, which helps fight free radical damage.


3. Supports healthy alkalinity in the body because it has pH-enhancing technol- ogy to help fight acidosis caused by stress, UV rays, acidic foods and various other causes.


4. Pure, filtered water you can feel good about drinking because every unit offers advanced filtration with two filters for maximum purity.Supports better sleep, increased energy levels and improved concentration because it is oxygen-packed.


5. Drinking Tyent Water supplies an abundance of oxygen to your cells, which means you’ll feel well-rested during the day and maintain a greater ability to focus.

Tyent UCE-13 Plus Water Ionizer

$6,995.00 Regular Price
$4,795.00Sale Price
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