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Enjoy softer smoother skin when taking a bath with the Tyent bath ball filter. The Tyent bath ball filter removes chlorine from your bath water by using Tyent’s Chlorgon media that has been certified and tested against NSF/ANSI standard 177 for the reduction of free chlorine. Tyent’s bath ball filters also have mineral balls in them to enhance your bath waters PH and reduce hardness and scale build up on the sides of your bath tub. Unlike some of the other bath ball filters on the market that use the pull up knob on your faucet to hold the bath ball on the faucet. The Tyent bath ball has a bracket that fits on all bath tub faucets, so even if you don't have the pull up knob you can still use the Tyents bath ball filter and enjoy a chlorine free bath. The Tyent bath ball will give you chlorine free baths for about 6 months or 50 baths then you just replace the filter cartridge with a TYBBC replacement cartridge.

Tyent Bath Ball

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