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World’s most powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.

​The Sky Eye Medical Lamp (approved by the FDA as a medical Device) is used in many medical practices and clinics. It is extremely effective in wound healing, and in diminishing Diabetic Ulcers. It is remarkably fast at decreasing inflammation.

Suitable for long hours of usage without risk of overheating/causing burns; FIR energy is compatible and readily absorbed by the human body.

Easy and convenient to use; able to penetrate clothing with full benefits.

360 degree rotational head and adjustable stand to suit any angle, height and intensity required by the user; any part of the body can receive treatment.

Benefits those who suffer from muscle ache, shoulder pain; improves metabolism and blood circulation.

A short usage of 15 minutes can create desirable results.

Sky-Eye Medical Grade Far Infrared Lamp

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
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