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Have you ever had to decide which closure system to use?  Velcro or Snap?

Cloth diapering has never been so easy!

    New revolutionary April Baby One Size Cloth Diaper features our Patent Pending Dual Closure system, with a unique set of velcro and snap closure to adjust the waist securely

    Two functions in one diaper

    Velcro is easier to use for Dads, Grandparents, Daycare Centers and Babysitters. Smaller babies use velcro closure better

    Be prepared for baby to learn to remove the velcro when they grow older, snap closure are harder for babies to take off

    The use of higher quality material not only gives you a more comfortable feel, your baby's movement isn't restricted,  breathable, durable, long-lasting and not bulky at all

    Adjustable elastic waist and legs catch messes and provide extra leakproof protection

    Fit babies from 8-36lbs,  each diaper consists of a waterproof outer shell, microfieece inner layer and 2 large and super soft microfiber inserts

1. Waist Adjustment:

(Small to Medium) 8-16 lbs - Use Velcro closure

(Medium to Large) 16-36 lbs - Use Snap closure

2. Size Adjustment:

One Size Fit All

These diapers are the easiest with 3 snap rise adjustments that all you need.

    Size Small (8-16 lbs) - snap the top row button into the lowest row button
    Size Medium (16-22lbs) - snap the top row button into the middle row button
    Size Large (22-36 lbs) - leave button un-snap

3. Complete System for Leak Protection 

    Front Leakguard Panel - Additional protection against leaking, suitable for babies sleeping on their tummy

    Adjustable elastic waist and legs catch messes and provide extra leakproof protection

4. Additional Features

    Wide Pocket Opening - easy to stuff and remove inserts

    Rise Adjustment Snaps - to transform the diaper from newborn through potty training

April Baby - Dual Closure

  • Size Chart Weight: 8-36 lbs. Rise: 13.5" - 19.5" Waist” 14” – 28” Length: 19.5” Crotch: 7.5"
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