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We pride ourselves in only making high quality product!  A tightly woven cotton prefold cloth diaper with a high thread count, thick, durable and super absorbent.

The most economical and easiest to use cloth diapering system

Package Quantity :  

    4 Dozen Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper 
    6 Happy Leakfree OS Diaper Covers

Size : Measure at approx 14.5 x 20 inches prior to washing and normal shrinkage applies.  4x6x4 ply means the two outer sections are generally four layers of thickness, the middle section is generally six layers. You can use double if your baby is a heavy wetter

Color :

    Prefold - White only

Diaper Cover color options:

    White - Velcro
    Pink - Velcro & Snap
    Yellow - Velcro & Snap
    Dark Blue - Velcro & Snap 

48 x Organic Cotton Prefold + 6 Covers

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