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The OS Heavy Duty in Velcro Closure consists of 2 Parts - A Waterproof Outer Cover + 2 large Absorbent Microfiber Inserts

Part 1:
Waterproof Outer Cover

Made of 32 thread count TPU fabric. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a composition specifically adapted to produce non-porous membranes exhibiting waterproof and water vapor transmissible. High performance, durable, excellent water-resistant, cut and tear resistance and soft.


    Wide Pocket Opening for Easily remove or stuff inserts
    Large Laundry Tabs
    Front Panel - Extra leakproof protection for babies    
    sleeping on their tummy

There are 3 rows of snap buttons on the outer cover that will transform the diaper from small to medium and to large.  Fit from 8-36lbs.

Fold Back Laundry tabs

This cloth diaper already comes with fold-back laundry tabs, an extra piece of loop tape that lets you fold the hook part of the tab back for washing.

Ajustable Fit with Crossover Hook & Loop Tabs

The diaper feature a Velcro Closure with overlap to fit smaller babies.  The 3 rows of rise snap buttons can transform the diaper into the following sizes to fit babies from newborn to potty training: 

Small - Snap the top row button into the lowest row button
Medium - Snap the top row button into the middle row button
Large - Leave button un-snap

An easy and flexible crossover hook and loop tabs allow further adjustments to fit a smaller waist. 
Part 2
Environmentally Friendly Microfiber Inserts

Fold back laundry tabs, 2 large Ultra soft inserts include in each diaper

The Inserts (or soaker pads) are made from 100% unbleached microfiber.  The material has many tiny strands and is environmentally friendly.  It has 40x more absorbent surface than cotton and is less bulky.  They are soft and easy to clean.

We include 2 Large Absorbent microfiber inserts in each diaper – one for daytime and the second for nighttime or heavy wetter.

12 x Heavy Duty HD2 in Suede Cloth Inner

$132.00 Regular Price
$112.00Sale Price
  • Color/Patterns Include: Green Olive Red Yellow Light Blue Dark Blue Baby Star Crocodile Teddy Bear Size Chart Weight: 8-36 lbs. Rise: 13.5" - 19.5" Waist: 14" - 28" Length: 19.5" Crotch: 7.5"
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