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We pride ourselves in only making high quality product!  A tightly woven cotton prefold cloth diaper with a high thread count, thick, durable and super absorbent

Never Cheap, Always Quality

If you love the simplicity of a prefold, and want to wrap your baby in something softer, you can't go wrong with these.

Made of 100% certified organic cotton, twill weave.  Extremely soft and absorbent

Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), Measure at approx 14 x 20 inches prior to washing and normal shrinkage applies. The diaper will look flat upon receipt but will fluff up and quilt quickly after initial washings, it will reach full absorbency after 10 washes.

4x6x4 ply means the two outer sections are generally four layers of thickness, the middle section is generally six layers. You can use double if your baby is a heavy wetter

Suitable for newborn thru toddlers.Reversible from side-to-side, top-to-bottom, and front-to-back. There's no wrong way to put it on!

Works great with our Happy Leakfree Diaper Cover 

Prefold Cloth Diaper Certification

We are recently awarded with the Intertek certification to reflect our mission of chemical free diapers.

12 x Certified Organic Cotton Twill Prefold Diaper

  • Caring for your Prefold Cloth Diapers Our prefold cloth diaper is made from 100% Organic Cotton. It is durable and soft, These diapers will fluff up after initial washings and will reach full absorbency after 10 washes. Cotton tends to shrink when washed and dried. Contraction is in the nature of the cotton fibers. Wash in cold water. Whether it be in a machine or by hand, always wash cotton in cold water. It is easier both on the shrinkage and the cloth overall. Line dry your prefold cloth diaper. The heat and rapid drying of an electric or gas drier might be convenient, but it also shrinks prefold as quickly as it dries them out.
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