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Product Spotlight - SonicAire Humidifier & More


I hope all of you are surviving the cold!

This week's product spotlight is great for any time of year, but especially in the winter months. The cold weather brings with it dry air that can leave your skin cracked and scaly, your throat sore, your body dehydrated, and your fingers zapped every time you touch a door knob.


The SonicAire Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier is a great solution... but also a bit of a mouthful. Here's basically what it is... The SonicAire quietly creates a cool water vapor that humidifies the air in your home, office, dorm room, etc. Unlike traditional humidifiers, the SonicAire uses no heat to produce the vapor. Rather, it uses sonic vibrations that transition the water from liquid to vapor, which increases the humidity in your indoor air.

Most ultrasonic humidifiers come with small tanks that are little more than a novelty. The SonicAire is the exception with a 2 gallon tank that will continually humidify your air for up to 30 hours straight without a refill. You can also choose from 3 mist settings and three timer settings.

Some of the conditions caused or worsened by dry air (ideal humidity is 30-50%):

-Dry, Cracking, Irritated Skin

-Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Asthma

-Nasal Irritation (Nasal Dryness & Nose Bleeds)

-Nasal Congestion

-Throat Dryness & Irritation

-Dry Cough

-Chapped Lips

-Itchy Eyes

-Propensity For More Rapid Body Dehydration

-Also Dry Air Makes The Temperature Feel Colder

Not only does the SonicAire humidify the air, it also purifies air with its built-in air ionizer, which circulates air-cleaning negative ions into the air. This is a great way of cleaning your air of dust, pollen, and other contaminants.

Even if you don't have dry air, you'll love adding essential oils to the water in the basin, diffusing a healthy, delightful scent of your choice through the entire room! My wife and I especially enjoy diffusing lavender, orange, mint, and lemon oil. A little bit goes a long way! And because it uses no heat, use it even in the summer months to diffuse your favorite fresh scents.

So there you have it, the SonicAire is three products in one!

  1. A Humidifier

  2. An Air Purifier

  3. An Essential Oil Diffuser

And for a limited time the SonicAire Humidifier is on SALE at Pittsburgh Alkaline Water! Save 20% and get yours for just $80! Plus, save on shipping with local pick-up! Please call or e-mail to order for pick-up.

See more SonicAire details or purchase yours here. And take a look at all of our other great air purification products here.

Don't miss the mist,

- Steve

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