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The new improved KaWaii Zippered Wet Bag utilizing a double layer TPU waterproof construction that consists of two and a half layers. Very durable, soft and waterproof protection. 

Plus, we use the best most durable zippers

On the go ....  You can use this bag to keep soiled or dry diapers. The durable woven outer layer repels moisture and protects the dry diapers.

The high performance waterproof protection also great for storing soiled clothes, wet swim diapers and dirty diapers.

Day Care or public activities ...... With the built in Name Tag Holder to put labels with the child's name and address, you can easily find your bag.

At home ......  the wetbag is perfect for storing anything you want to keep separate from your laundry.

The easy handle with button is good to use on the stroller or hanging it in the laundry room. They can be machine wash or dry. 

This can also be a unique and functional baby shower gift!


2 Sizes:

Small to Medium - Approx 13 x 15" ( can hold 10 diapers)

Medium to Large - Approx 16 x 19.50" (can hold 24 diapers)

Zippered Wet Bags

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