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Drink Clean Alkaline Water Wherever You Are!

Whether you're on the road, at the office or hitting the gym, the pHandOrp™ Stainless Steel Travel Alkalizer is ready to transform local tap water into a clean supply of alkaline drinking water. pHandOrp is a great alternative to bottled and tap water when you aren't near your Tyent Water Ionizer!

What differentiates the pHandORP from the TYGO is it's quick ease of use.  Merely fill and shake!  There is no waiting for drink filtration.  Plus the 1 liter stainless steel bottle will ensure you stay hydrated wherever you go.

    Purifies and alkalizes tap water
    Adds essential ionic minerals
    Reduces metals
    Filter lasts for 90 uses
    Removes chlorine

Removes up to 99% of

    Heavy Metal Contaminants
    Semi-volatile contaminants
    Disinfectant & Non-Metalic Contaminants

What’s more! The process is very simple and clear-cut!
    All you need to do is fill it up to gain the benefits of pure, alkaline water.
    Its portable feature allows you to enjoy it wherever you go.
    You now have the ability to drink fresh, healthy water throughout the day.
     The inner cartridge is comprised of magnets, ionic minerals and filter medium. 



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