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Large Body and Hand Warmers generate heat for up to 20+ hours. All Heat Factory warmers are non-toxic, safe, and odorless. Large Warmers can be used in pockets, stadium cushions, sleeping bags, and many other Heat Factory accessories.

The warmer is a soft, light weight pouch, containing inert mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, water, and vermiculite. The pouch is made of soft cloth, lined with a thin layer of porous plastic for maximum durability.

Features & Benefits
• Generates 20+ hours of heat!
• Maximum warmth for all conditions.
• Ideal for pockets, sleeping bags, stadium cushions, etc.
• Designed for most Heat Factory warmer accessories
• Keep handy in car, emergency kits, hunting/camping gear.

Large Wamer - Heat Factory

  • HEIGHT: 6.5" WIDTH: 5" DEPTH: .25"
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