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The One Size Happy Leak-Free Diaper Cover comes in Snap Closure and Velcro Closure versions.

It is made of waterproof TPU fabric. TPU is heat bonded instead of chemical bonded.  Biodegradable,  environmentally friendly and safe for landfills.

Velcro closures are better for new parents and smaller babies because its easier to adjust the waist size.  When your baby grows older, a snap closure works better.

You can transform the diaper cover using the 3 rows of rise adjustment snaps to fit a baby weighing from 8 to 36 lbs.

Small - Snap the top row button into the lowest row button
Medium - Snap the top row button into the middle row button
Large - Leave buttons un-snaped

Features Elastic Legs for extra protection against leaks and gentle latex-free elastic to avoid irritation.

Fold Back Laundry tabs

There is an extra piece of loop tape that lets you fold the hook part of the tab back for washing.  By folding the tab back and securing the hook part of the tape, you can keep the hook tape from catching on other diapers in the washer. Folding the tab back also lessens lint buildup in the hoop tape and prolongs the life of the fasteners.

Additional Stability

An additional feature in the front inside flap holds the diaper in place. You can use the covers over the prefold, fitted diaper or insert. Insert and cover is recommend for newborn or smaller babies with less activities or movement. If you choose to use microfiber insert, use a liner to separate your baby's bottom and the insert. Microfiber has a drying effect that will irritate the skin.

Happy Leak-Free Diaper Cover

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  • Washing Instructions These covers can stand up to almost any machine washing method and drying. Use only with warm water and a gentle soap. Washing temperature should not greater than 95 degree F or 35 degree C Dry your covers in the machine for 10-20 minutes. Hang dry if they are still damp. Bleach or any whitening products can ruin the elastic and damage the waterproofing of your covers. Avoid if possible. Also avoid rubbing detergent directly on the diaper cover. These products can destroy the waterproof ability of your covers. Covers generally don't have to be washed as often as the diaper. If the cover is not soiled when changing the diaper, just run tap water down the inside of the cover to rinse off any residue. Pat dry or lay flat to dry and re-use. Size: Weight: 8-36 lbs. Rise: 13.5" - 19.5" Waist: 14" - 28" Length: 19.5" Crotch: 7.5"
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