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20-pack of cleaning descaler packets for the H2cap Plus.


The H2CAP Plus automatically detects when the hydrogen generator is not working properly or needs to be cleaned, the orange-colored LED light will blink at the bottom of the product.


①Please pour small amount of water (100 ~ 200ml) and a descaler into the water bottle that you use.
②Attach the H2CAP Plus, and shake it until the descaler melts.
③Leave it for certain period of time. (The longer, the better.)
④Connect the power supply. After 3 seconds, disconnect the USB cable and reconnect back
immediately to activate the cleaning mode for 2 minutes.
⑤After cleaning, rinse with pure water 2 ~ 3 times using the water bottle which was in use.

H2 Cap Plus - Cleaning Descaler (20 pack)

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