Classic Organic Energy Technology
Ideally suited for daily household use or on-the-go use.

AirRestore is designed to be a Whole Home SYSTEM with four individual air naturalizers that proactively clean different areas to ensure your whole home's air is being naturalized. Each air naturalizer is incredibly energy efficient and designed to run continuously, which is how they are so small but still so effective.

Did you know when air is genuinely fresh, it is organic and energized? Organic energized air can drastically improve the health of your body, mind and living environment. It improves your mental focus, battles viruses and germs, and is exceptionally effective with odor control!


The Tempest Whole House System offers 4 Tempest units powered by USB with AC adapter.  The USB capability makes these units extremely versatile and portable to be used anywhere where there isa 2Amp USB power source (even use with portable power bricks).


AirRestore USB Tempest Whole House System