Classic Organic Energy Technology
Ideally suited for daily household use.

Sharing walls can mean sharing odors and pollutants. Apartments and townhomes mean having close neighbors. Sometimes, too close. Your neighbors may be great, but that doesn't mean you want their cigarette smoke or weekly fish dinners invading your living space. Odors and pollutant interfere with your concentration, health, and well being. How much is your air holding your health back?

Did you know when air is genuinely fresh, it is organic and energized? Organic energized air can drastically improve the health of your body, mind and living environment. It improves your mental focus, battles viruses and germs, and is exceptionally effective with odor control!

All System Include:

  • 2 Air Naturalizers
  • 2 USB Power Cables
  • 2 USB AC Adapters

AirRestore USB Tempest Studio System


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