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8 fl.oz bottle


Pump the Miracle and watch dry, scaly, rough skin disappear with the miracle of 7 Wonders® Miracle Lotion®.


Miracle Lotion® is formulated for dry skin but just wait until you see what it does for normal skin!

Miracle Lotion® contains 14 Natural Herbs, extracted with a low heat process that preserves their effectiveness.


The 7 natural oils, including rich Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, are mother nature’s best!


Get a whiff of the enticing fragrance and you’ll never be without Miracle Lotion®.


Miracle Lotion® makes your skin feel velvety soft without the greasiness associated with many dry skin lotions.


Miracle Lotion® deep moisturizes skin and goes in smooth and fast without whitening.

14 Natural Herbs and 7 Natural Oils make Miracle Lotion® excellent for tanning in both the sun or salon. Beautiful, soft, healthy skin is what you can get by "Pumping the Miracle."

7 Wonders Miracle Lotion

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