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Clean up your baby's bottom when changing diapers maybe it's so simple, but it's also hard.  Disposable wipes can be rough, plus, their substances may contain chemicals, it is definitely be uncomfortable for your baby.
Kawaii Baby Multi Purpose Cloth Wipes are made of 100% Organic Bamboo. Measures at 7.5" x 7.5" square with rounded edges. One side is a smooth bamboo fiber that you can use for patting and drying, while the other side is bamboo terry that is great for cleaning up messy diapers.  Multi-purpose Cloth Wipes can simply be used with or without water.  Washable, reusable, easy to wash and dry.
Key Features & Benefits

    Avert the squirt when changing diapers
    Thoroughly dry baby after clean up. Eliminates the use of talcum powder
    Wiping face and body, use as bath time cloths
    Cleaning spills, messes and nose wipes etc
    Use as burp cloths or burp armor
    Take along for quick cleanups
    More natural and softer, reduce your baby's exposure to chemical
    Save money to buy disposable wet wipes
    Easy to wash - simply put your used cloth wipes in the washer along with your cloth diapers

They are a ten/pack of 3 color options: 

    Golden Poppy
    Tiffany Blue
    Half Golden Poppy and Half Tiffany Blue

10 x Organic Bamboo Cloth Wipes

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